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  • Mdi Implant Product Hybrid 0001

    Hybrid implants

    MDI-Impantology 3.0 mm.
    Hybrid Implant is indicated bridges where space for conventional implants is insufficient, stabilisation mainly in soft (maxillar) bone.

  • Mdi Implant Product Hybrid 002

    MDI 3.0 Hybrid

    MDI-Impantology • Mini Dental Implants are small, screws which are placed into the bone with a minimally


Hybrid Implants

MDI™ 3.0 mm Hybrid is an implant of an intermediate size larger than mini dental implants and smaller than conventional ones. It combines implant screw and abutment in one piece and is placed into the bone with a minimally invasive protocol

Hybrid | MDI

Hybrid Implants

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